What others say

The videos below are testimonials from differing customer types. They attest to my ability and my personality. I will leave you to watch them if you wish to.

Ezra Chapman – Serial Entrepreneur – CEO of Chapman Black

Brian Moroney – CEO of Multi-national IT Services Company

Mike Dowd – MD of Plato Computer Services – Sold for £22 million

Lucy Waters – Setting out for the first time as an Entrepreneur.

Here are some quotes from my clients…

“Steve is true professional. He is a superb coach and advisor and I have no hesitation in recommending him.” — Jeremy Reed, CEO of Observer Newspapers (now retired)

“Steve has a rare balance between first rate commercial acumen and the ability to empathise with peers and colleagues. He is an experienced business coach of exceptional ability. I would relish having Steve as Chairman of any Vistage group that I had joined.” — Malcolm Cohen, UK Department for Trade and Industry.

“Steve is one of those truly remarkable people, that if you are lucky, you will get the opportunity to work with in your life. He guided me with wisdom, humor and care and if you are fortunate enough to have Steve as a coach or facilitator for your business or life’s challenges, you will be forever grateful. I am.” — Chris Mooney, Real Estate Broker, Boise, IL.

“Steve is the kind of boss you hope you’ll be when you grow up! I’ve been privileged to work with and watch a man whose experience of life and business means he can advise at the top level, with an eye on the bottom line, while still maintaining a crucial awareness of all levels that you need for happy and motivated staff.” — Lucy Waters, Performing Rights Society.

“Steve is genius when it comes to bridging the gap between corporate boards and entrepreneurial innovations. If you’re on the board of a blue chip corporate and you care about your future and/or your business you should secure some time with this man. The ROI’s off the scale. He’s incredibly efficient and concise yet constantly demonstrates real empathy and an open-minded approach. For example, he has a unique ability to translate high-tech / social media opportunities into irresistibly simple, deliverable steps. – Martin Skinner CEO – Inspired Properties

“Steve is a former delegate who became a business partner of mine and is also a very good friend. He has an amazing amount of drive and focus and our businesses and projects would not be where they are now without him. If you want a job doing expeditiously with total focus and commitment to the positive outcome you seek then you need Steve. Steve has all the toys in the ‘can do’ box” — Kevin Laye, Psy-Tap Founder and CEO

“Steve McNulty has excellent communication skills. In addition, he has extensive experience in business, and is an excellent coach. He has a considered, calm and confident approach, and these, along with his assured determination, mean that he is the person to turn to for help with any personal or business issues.” — Mark Chambers, MD (Suffolk and Harley Street, London).

“Steve joined Plato as our MD to help steer the organisation through a trade sale. His previous experience with such roles enabled him to fully participate in the whole process, which resulted in a successful sale to a large South African group.” — Richard Peet, Technical Director – Plato Computer Services Limited.

“I’d like to thank Steve for his time and fantastic suggestions that helped me to take a step back and look at my business from a different angle. We spent a short time chatting about my business strategy prior to me taking his new profile photo but in that time he helped me identify a new way of packaging my professional headshot services and a better way of pricing them, a problem which had been bugging me for some time. Steve’s relaxed, friendly and down to earth approach was just what I needed and in listening and talking to him I realised how much knowledge and business experience he has. Whether it’s a mentor, coach, sounding board or just a friendly chat I’d highly recommend talking to Steve.” — John Cassidy, The Headshot Guy

“Steve not only provided an excellent interim service ensuring the delivery of projects on time and within budget but also provided a highly effective mentoring service to the project management team” — Helen Thompson, IT Director, Renault Cars UK

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