cropped-cropped-oh-crikey-logo-v1.2-logo.pngOur mission is “To increase the effectiveness and enhance the lives of business leaders”. We deliver on this promise through our values of Trust, Caring, Challenge and Growth.


Vistage has been the world’s best and most respected peer advisory membership organisation since 1957. Formed by a Milwaukee Businessman who was a life-long learner and believed in the power of one’s peers (not one of us is as clever as all of us), Vistage has grown to a membership level of 22,000 in 20 countries. A 2017 survey by Dun & Bradstreet showed that, between 2011 and 2016, Vistage members grew over 2.2 times as fast as similar companies in their sector.

Members enjoy a day each month with each other, subject matter experts and professional facilitators helping everyone identify, investigate and resolve the challenges in their businesses. When there are 12 business leaders in one room, all with the intention of helping and none with a vested interest in the result, the energy is palpable. The relief they get from the isolation of the leader creates a pool of highly ambitious, open, honest and intelligent people with hundreds of years of experience and expertise they can share.

Helping business leaders grow themselves and their businesses so they can become better leaders who make better decisions and get better results is a truly rewarding pursuit. Growing businesses grow communities that in turn grow economies.

On behalf of Oh Crikey Limited, Steve chairs three UK Vistage groups and is an accredited Vistage subject matter expert (Speaker) and master facilitator.

Enjoy life more – achieve more