cropped-cropped-oh-crikey-logo-v1.2-logo.pngVisbuzz was created by Steve to remove the digital isolation of people who can’t, don’t or won’t use computers.

There are many sectors in society that this applies to…the elderly, the disabled, those with multiple Sclerosis, those with Parkinson’s, those with bad arthritis, people with cognitive difficulties and many more. It started with Steve’s elderly Mum and is now in widespread use in six local authorities in London and the North West of England. We will shortly be taking Visbuzz to the USA for further technical development and as a springboard for global sales.

In today’s world, digital isolation can, and often does, lead to social isolation. Social isolation leads to anxiety, stress, unhappiness and many more issues. These in turn lead to illness and often to additional trips to the Doctor and hospital. If the person suffering has a close family, this isolation can put a tremendous strain on them also.

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The user simply taps of the photograph of the person they wish to contact and this establishes a video calling connection. If the contact is not online the user’s tap on the photo initiates a text message saying they have called.

The contact can reply to the text and supply up to 4 possible answers. The user sess the comment and a box for each answer supplied (see below). Show screen shot of text messages and photo of user’s screen.

We welcome enquiries from all organisations interested in reducing digital isolation and in turn reducing loneliness and the cost of dealing with it.

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