cropped-cropped-oh-crikey-logo-v1.2-logo.pngZenPower is an app that was formed to bring affordable rapid stress and anxiety reduction to everyone. Relieving stress & anxiety relieves the associated loneliness that accompanies it.

This can be someone struggling with exam nerves; someone with a fear of the outdoors, of confined spaces or a general anxiety disorder.

Anxiety and stress are fast becoming the most debilitating conditions in global society. Reducing them not only helps many people, it also reduces the incredible cost of dealing with it.

Life is too short to spend any of it in an anxious or stressed state.

Kevin Laye and Steve McNulty came from differing angles on this issue over 10 years ago and combining their skills, experience and desire to make a change, they created the Calm-Zone. This was well received in Doctor’s’ surgeries and by the public. However, there was no market stickiness and having tried a number of technology partners and therapy techniques, it was decided to approach the solution from a different angle. Taking Kevin’s personal therapy he had been developing for many years (Psy-TaP … Psychosensory Techniques and Protocols) led us to dissolve all previous incarnations of the original idea and starting again. Going back to our routes and taking total control of the process, PsySense-I now offers applications for reducing the destructive effect of anxiety for challenges such as exams, dentists, flying, needles etc., etc.

Enjoy life more – achieve more