Steve and our team at Oh-Crikey in the UK and the USA are working on a super-cool application (patent applied for). We are at MMP stage (minimum marketable product) and have people using and enjoying it. We have interest from serious businesses as well as the public.


The first challenge is to build a great team to support Steve in driving the product to MMP (minimum marketable product) and to commence creating a user fan base.

cropped-cropped-oh-crikey-logo-v1.2-logo.pngThe second challenge is to raise the capital we need to achieve the first challenge quickly, consistent with a quality outcome and to provide the bandwidth for the senior team to create a compelling marketing plan.

cropped-cropped-oh-crikey-logo-v1.2-logo.pngThe third challenge, if the first two weren’t enough to keep us occupied, is to build out a strong team to take the app to where it deserves to be.

INTERESTED? Learn more here about Rechordus

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