Conversational Intelligence

I posted this originally in my Growing Conversations blog site. I thought it was worthy of inclusion here also…

I’m currently following Judith E. Glaser’s online course on Conversational Intelligence. I firmly believe that you can never get enough learning about any form of intelligence if you are in the people business. As coaches we need to understand all elements of our clients behaviour and be able to ask the elegant and/or challenging questions that bring awareness of themselves and how others see and react to them.

Judith has spent a lifetime studying conversation and her book “Conversational Intelligence – How Great Leaders BUILD TRUST and Get Extraordinary Results” is a really good read with many insights.

One immediate insight from the first few page is…

We all know that there are many levels of conversation dependent on who you are conversing with and what the subject and content contain together with the intended outcome. Judith simplifies this to the following (paraphrasing McNulty style)…

Level 1  Transactional – transfer of data e.g. sales to date, EBITda, name of project etc.

Level 2  Positional – instructional conversation where one person is always holding sway and decision authority e.g. discussion between leader and subordinate where the leader is deciding the outcome.

Level 3  Co-creational – where both parties to the conversation agree and work together to co-create a better future for both. Not one of the parties has authority vested for the outcome and only a win-win outcome can bring the conversation to a conclusion.

There are many variations and mixed interpretations that can be added here. However, if we take these three levels as our datum for evaluating the level of conversation we are either about to start, we are in, or we have recently completed, it enables us to understand better the conversation and adjust accordingly.

There are many more great tools, techniques, tips and case studies in Judith’s book. I will pull some out and note them down here occasionally.

Keep talking – it’s our last free interactive resource 😊


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